The following map images below outline the prohibited and restricted areas of the Guadalupe Valley Lakes. Click the map below to input your address and familiarize yourself with the restrictions in your area before going out on and around the water.

Prohibited unsafe zones upstream and downstream of the dams and spillgates, marked in red, are unsafe for all activities on or in the water including boating, canoeing, jet skiing, swimming, wading, tubing, etc. Restricted unsafe zones, marked in yellow, are unsafe for all in water activities including swimming, tubing, and wading. Please adhere to all posted guidelines and safety measures and report any violations of these guidelines to local authorities.


Dunlap Spillgate Hinge Parts


All reports and documents related to Guadalupe Valley Lakes and the hydro dams that create them.

The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) has established this site as part of its efforts to enhance communications with all parties involved.

Lake McQueeney Drawdown Notice

Meadow Lake Drawdown Notice

Independent Expert Panel Report #1
Independent Expert Panel Report #2
GBRA Ordinance
Temporary Injunction
Dunlap Spillgate Hinge Inspection Report