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GBRA continues to work with the lake associations to identify funding for the necessary replacement of the hydroelectric dams. Progress continues with Preserve Lake Dunlap Association and Friends of Lake McQueeney as they move toward the creation of water improvement districts.

GBRA and area property owners agreed to a temporary injunction in September 2019 prohibiting the drawdown of the four remaining lakes. The temporary injunction will remain in place, pending a trial in October 2020. Prioritizing the safety of those on and around the lakes, an Independent Expert Panel (IEP) completed a thorough assessment to define the areas of each lake that can become hazardous in the event of another spillgate failure. The prohibited and restricted areas have been marked by signage and buoys and are being monitored and enforced by law enforcement authorities. Activity restrictions in these areas will remain in effect indefinitely.

(January 30, 2020)

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Who Do I Contact?

GBRA continues to work closely with the community to mitigate the impact of this decision by meeting regularly with the lake associations and is committed to remaining engaged and responsive. If you have a lake association, we encourage you to get involved with them as they are the best point of contact and source of information to ask questions and provide input about your specific lake.

Citizens United for Lake Placid

Kevin Skonnord

Friends of Lake McQueeney

Lindsey Gillum

Meadow Lake Nolte Dam Association

Janet Hudson

Preserve Lake Dunlap Association

J Harmon

Friends of Lake Wood

GBRA has also established a dedicated email address to help streamline and prioritize communications with property owners and community members affected by this situation.

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