March 30, 2023


The lowering of the spillgates at Meadow Lake and Lake McQueeney has been completed as planned. 

Safety remains our top priority. No attempts to access the newly-exposed areas previously covered by water should be made. We anticipate the lakebed areas at McQueeney and Meadow Lakes will contain a variety of hazards including thick mud layers with sharp metal debris, tree limbs, rocks and other objects. The thick mud layers should dry out within a week but the hazardous debris will remain. Please be conscious of changing river conditions and maintain a safe distance from the dams at all times. 

We have updated our Frequently Asked Questions with responses to common questions about vegetation management and next steps. If you have additional questions, please send them to for inclusion in future FAQ updates. 

We appreciate your cooperation and will continue to share updates about the Guadalupe Valley Lakes here on

January 23, 2023


Lake McQueeney & MEADOW LAKE


GBRA has secured the necessary permits to begin construction on Lake McQueeney and lowering the spillgates is the next step in preparing for construction to begin. While we anticipate construction on both Lake McQueeney and Lake Placid will commence in the second quarter of 2023, the drawdown needs to be completed well in advance to allow the lakebed to dry out enough to accommodate construction activities.

With the spillgates on Nolte Dam in need of replacement to remain in operation, a drawdown will also take place at Meadow Lake.

Working with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, GBRA has devised an Aquatic Resource Relocation Plan (ARRP) designed to minimize impacts to the environment. In accordance with the ARRP, each lake will be lowered over a two-day period, beginning at Meadow Lake on March 27. Drawdown notices have been mailed directly to impacted homeowners.

All activity on Lake McQueeney, Lake Placid and Meadow Lake should be suspended during the drawdown period, beginning March 27. Once the lowering of the spillgates at both lakes is completed, access or activities on the water may resume, but please continue to maintain a safe distance from the dams.

September 2022


Progress is being made on the Lake Dunlap dam project. Construction began in May 2021 with an estimated completion timeline of 24 months pending unforeseen weather delays. 

Safety is our top priority

Please remember to exercise caution when enjoying the Guadalupe Valley Lakes. Be aware of changing river conditions and maintain a safe distance from the dams at all times.  

View Restrictions in Your Area

Click the map below to input your address and familiarize yourself with the restrictions in your area before going out on and around the water. Please adhere to all posted guidelines and safety measures and report any violations of these guidelines to local authorities.

Who Do I Contact?

GBRA continues to work closely with the community toward the common goal of ensuring the longevity of the Guadalupe Valley Lakes. GBRA has financing and operation agreements in place with the voter-approved WCIDs for Lake Dunlap, Lake McQueeney, and Lake Placid, and continues to meet with lake associations. If you have a WCID and/or lake association, we encourage you to get involved with them as they are the best point of contact and source of information to ask questions and provide input about your specific lake.

Lake Dunlap WCID

Anthony S. Corbett

Lake McQueeney WCID

c/o Allen Boone Humphries Robinson
3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2600
Houston, TX 77027

Lake Placid WCID

c/o Allen Boone Humphries Robinson
3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2600
Houston, TX 77027



Citizens United for Lake Placid

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